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Kaumudi combines expertise in law, business, and people development, and a passion for stakeholder and sustainability in her consulting work with organizations across industries and regions. 

In her business advisory and consulting work, Kaumudi brings her multidisciplinary, multicultural perspective and experience in multinational organizations across APAC, EMEA and North America. She serves on the executive boards of global organizations and as c-suite advisor.



The way we are is essentially a dynamic interplay in three areas: our language, emotions and body. This is the underlying driver of communication and behaviour. Our perceptions and attitudes, many of which may be deep-seated and out of awareness, exist in our way of being. Change in these perceptions and attitudes can result in the removal of significant barriers to learning, and the spontaneous development of more effective patterns of communication and behaviour. Coaching focused in this area has the potential to be transformative, for it can generate profound learning and deep constructive change.
KG’s strengths as a coach lie in her exceptional empathetic skills, deep listening skills, and passion for everyone to truly excel in their personal and professional lives.



Kaumudi has extensive experience in delivering informative, engaging, and inspiring learning experiences in virtual and face-to-face settings.


Kaumudi custom designs content and delivery to reflect the latest research, current developments around the world. She offers practical, impactful strategies and techniques for the participants to take forward in immersive small group deep dives, larger workshops or harmonized large-scale sessions for dispersed workforces spread across the world.



Kaumudi Goda is highly articulate and persuasive. She customizes each talk keeping in mind the specific audience and delivers with precision and empathy. KG is also an experienced panelist and moderator able to deftly delve into a range of topics to elevate any panel discussion with context and commentary on current affairs.
Her KeyNote topics include:

  1. "Bias, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Technology and Social Justice"

  2. "Challenging Conversations" and "Negotations"

  3. "Confidence, Career Success and Managing Imposter Syndrome" 

  4. "Sustainable Development and Business of Good".